Is anyone here following the case of Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin. I've been following it very closely and find it very interest. It has so many layers, bullying, race, gang culture, high school mentality, workplace issues.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about:
But what a source told FOX Sports was an abusive environment that developed during Martin's 1 1/2 seasons with the Dolphins led to him taking a personal leave of absence to spend time with his family.

Martin left Dolphins headquarters on Monday when finally reaching his limit with the persistent bullying and teasing from some teammates that has plagued him since joining Miami as a 2012 second-round draft choice. As first reported by FOX Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer, the latest taunt – a group of players stood up and left when he tried joining them for lunch – led to Martin getting up himself and walking out the door.
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Many more details have come out since the initial reports. The most interest aspect of this case I find it to be that many people think that Martin was wrong in this case. I mean if I were in his shoes I probably do the same thing.