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Thread: Shooter still on the loose at New Jersey mall

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    Shooter still on the loose at New Jersey mall

    (CNN) - A shooter opened fire at a New Jersey mall late Monday, sending panic through the shopping center and igniting a massive police response.

    The gunman inside Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, New Jersey, has not yet been found during a sweep of the shopping center by Bergen County SWAT, said county Chief of Staff Jeanne Baratta.
    Another week.. Another mass shooting.

    Thought and prayers with anyone affected by this.

    Link to article:
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    Re: Shooter still on the loose at New Jersey mall

    Before anyone begins to question the level of legality, let's put the actual NJ Gun Laws in perspective:

    NJ Gun Laws:
    "The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first." ~ Thomas Jefferson

    It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.
    James Madison

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