Ramstein's BK had horrible drive through service but Vogelweh? OMG! Did that place suck huge donkey dick! If you went to the Vogelweh drive thru at either BK or Popeyes, you'd better not be in a hurry because it would take a minimum of 15 minutes. The BKs outside of Ramstein and Bitburg were actually really good. They had an pretty good menu however you did pay Euros.

What I miss a lot about Ramstein is the many choices you had to eat on your lunch hour. You could just pop over to Ramstein village and hit up Seoul or the little Gyro place or where Presswell's fish and chips used to be. Or you could pop over to Vogelweh and grab some Mexican food at the Cantina or Hacienda or Doner kebab either in Vogelweh or Landstuhl. So many places to eat.

You can't exactly pop off base in the RAFL area. You're pretty much limited to on base eating establishments which is why I almost always pack my lunch. You can't really go over to RAFM for lunch either because by the time you just get through the front gate and travel the 2 miles or whatever at 15-30 mph, you have to get back to work. Man, RAFM has the worst gate. I miss the old gate that used to be by Nick's Diner. But I digress.