Okay...I know I have ranted on this forum about the walk test and how silly it is, but let me tell you this...this new version is going to be tough to pass.

I think I am in excellent shape, after all, the Air Force says I am. I have never scored less than an excellent on any of my test going back to my first one in 2004. I have also never tested with an exempted component...so I have ran every test and completed the pushups and situps every time. I have a few 100's in my records, but as I have grown older, my scores have begun to settle in the low 90's. I run the 1.5 mile distance on average at 11 mins.

I got bored today and thought why not go for a walk. While walking, I got to thinking about how long it would take to walk 2 kilometers, the distance for this new test. So, I walked over to the track, got out my iphone and began timing my walk. According to the AFI, I must walk 5 laps to complete the distance requirement of the walk test. I thought to myself, this will be easy.

So I set out to walk at a pace that I considered to be a "purposeful" walking pace. Not brisk, not relaxed, somewhere in between...sort of a comfortable hurried pace. Here's how I fared.

Lap 1: 4min 28sec
Lap 2: 4:26
Lap 3: 4:24
Lap 4: 4:17
Lap 5: 4:16

Total Time: 21:53

According to the walk test chart, I should have finished this in 16:18. I wasn't even close.

So I thought, let me walk at one of those weird looking walk paces where you shuffle your arms back and forth and move at a very brisk pace...Here's how that went:

Lap 1: 3:34
Lap 2: 3:31

By this lap, I felt my heart rate increasing and I began to feel very uncomfortable...I was at a pace were I wanted to start jogging because walking at this speed didn't feel right. If I kept walking at this rate, I estimate I would have finished at somewhere around 17 mins...which is still a fail.

Okay Air Force Leadership...you win this one. This test is legit. Good luck to all you walkers out there.