Got the updated AFI, implementation date effective 21 Oct 13, and noticed it has finally been updated, no more guidance memorandums. Here are the updates:

This publication has been substantially revised and must be completely reviewed. The summary of changes include requiring those members who score 90 or above on their Fitness Assessment (FA) and test in all four components to only test once a year; made Airmen responsible for maintaining currency; added component exemptions; deleted fitness patches; standardized number of failures for discharge recommendation, established a Fitness Assessment Cell (FAC) to centralize and standardize the administration of FAs; set biannual testing requirements for RegAF, NGB (Title 10/Statutory Tour), and AFR members; revised component weighting and scoring based on health-fitness hierarchy; established requirements to score a composite 75 and meet the minimum component value for each component to earn a passing fitness assessment score; made any score below the minimum component value for each component read zero; provided targets in each component; set an Altitude Time Correction for the aerobic component (1.5 mile run and 2.0 kilometer walk) for installations at 5,250 feet above sea level and greater; amended the walk-test; added a body mass index (BMI) screen and body fat assessment (BFA) for those Airmen who fail the abdominal circumference measurement but pass all three other components with a score of 75 points out of the remaining 80 points; and Air Force Fitness Program appeal requests will now be initially reviewed and approved or denied by the Wing Commander or equivalent.

Some of that summary talks about things that have been added/changed since, here are the actual updates from the last revision late last year:

1.0 mile walk converts to a 2.0 km walk. Yep, changed to a metric length for some reason. This is a pass/fail assessment. Member must walk in 16:16 for males under 30, 16:18 for 30-39, 16:23 for 40-49. Females get about a minute longer.

If you test on the 2km walk, you will have to test every six months regardless of overall score. It is now considered an exempted component. If they pass the walk time, the member will be marked "exempt" in the cardio block. If they fail, then they fail the whole test.

There are two types of Physical Training Leaders (PTLs) PTL-A and PTL-B. Unit Fitness Program Managers (UFPMs) must be PTL-B certified. PTL-A is the "advanced" PTL and has special leading unit PT sessions.

OSI agents can were civilian clothing during their test (now we can know who they are), all other members must wear the PT uniform.

"2.31.7. Will wear the Air Force PT uniform to complete all components of the FA IAW AFI 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel. NOTE: Due to operational requirements AFOSI special agents are authorized to complete official fitness assessments without meeting dress and appearance requirements as outlined in AFI 36-2903 , but must be capable of providing documentation to confirm grooming waiver is in effect. AFOSI agents in this status may wear suitable civilian PT clothing during testing."

Members who PCS have to test if their current test expires before their Report No Later Than Date (RNLTD) + 42 days.

Use of the AF Form 4446 is mandatory. Locally produced scorecards cannot be used.

"If an Airman fails the abdominal circumference measurement of the Fitness Assessment (FA) yet takes and passes the other three components with a composite score of at least 75 points of the remaining 80 points, the FAC will administer the DoD prescribed Body Mass Index (BMI) screen." This means a member must almost max the run, push-ups and sit-ups and also have a waist measurement larger than 39". (I'd like to meet this guy.)

Back to the walk test. Attachment 9 still shows medication that affects HR for individuals taking the walk test. Since HR isn’t a factor for the test, not sure why that attachment is valid anymore.

Members testing A/C only just need to meet the minimums to pass...39" for males, 35.5" for females.

The AFI expanded from 119 pages to 145 for this revision.