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What a fond idea. This is the way it was when I joined the Army in 1991. Seemed like it worked back in the day and might be nice to go back to it.
I agree. I started in 1967, and pulled KP once per month on posts that didn't have centralized Mess Halls in CONUS. Under the "Guard Duty" heading, I drew a week's duty guarding convicts at the Fort Devens Stockade in 1969. Both duties were Roster Duty, meaning that the Top Kick maintained a Duty Roster, and when your number came up, you served whichever duty was assigned to you. From my own experience, I knew that it was pointless to complain about the duty, so I just reported as ordered, and "enjoyed" the temporary work. In terms of the current generation of soldiers, it should give them a taste of what the Army was like in the days before large scale budgets in Peacetime.