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Thread: Vacation planning

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    Vacation planning

    We are debating a Cross Family vacation either Thanksgiving week or the week after Christmas. Currently we are looking at cruises. Other ideas will be taken as well. The kids want Disney...but we have a major family vacation there in June. With all of the extended Cross family and kids. About a month ago we had the kids make a "Vacation Bucket List". These are the things that were on it...

    Cruise to anywhere
    New York City
    Disney World (Planned)
    Paris (when they are older...not taking little ones there.)
    Ohio (Not a clue why)
    Boston to see the marathon
    Grand Canyon
    Mt Rushmore.

    Then there were also a few more local type things on there.
    One of them wants to go deep sea fishing. That would be the oldest girl. The other two think she is crazy.

    All three want to go ziplining...not sure on age restrictions there but checking into it....and how do they know about zip lining anyway?

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    Re: Vacation planning

    Cruises can be fun. I went on a western Caribbean cruise with the family about 10 years ago, with stops in the Caymans, Cozumel, Costa Maya, and Belize. We had a great time. I did one of the excursions in Costa Maya and got to see some Mayan ruins at the Kohunlich site.

    I don't know about ziplining...from what I have heard it can be terriby boring...(link to South Park Studios)

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