I would like to float an idea that may seem radical, it will probably seem radical mainly because we have detached ourselves so far from it. Essentially the idea is to outsource a large portion of the cost of running the Federal Government back to the states, maintaining only a Federal Government in charge of the responsibilities outlined in Article 1 Section 8.

Afterwards, eliminate all Federal taxes to the individual. Federal Government revenues would be a derivative of that which each individual state taxes out of its citizens, in a sense, rather than paying a state and a federal tax, the individual would be required to pay just a state tax, that is essentially both taxes combined going to one source. The percentage of contribution coming from each state would be based on how many congressmen/women it contributes to the House of Representatives, therefore a state with 8 Representatives statewide would contribute 8/435 x 100% or 1.8% of the total Federal tax burden, which should be decisively less than it is presently because the Federal Government would essentially only be required to sustain the postal service, transportation, international treaties, and national defense, all things known as "entitlements" now become the prerogative of the individual state. The state itself would then be able to decide through its state system of government which entitlements are managed and how.

The end state here is now the individual state's success or failure will be based on how effectively it can manage to do everything it sets out to do while maintaining the balance of taxes, operational costs, and entitlements as desired by the voting constituent. If you like California and its breadth of entitlements, you can move there quite easily. If you prefer another state for its income tax rates, you can move there instead. The state's revenues will be based on the independent ability to effectively manage its taxpayers' resources. As people move there, its revenues will increase as well as its sustainability.

A decisive advantage is Federal Budgeting will be quite easy, other than making war and overseas funding, there would be no controversy over what gets funded by our Federal government and what does not.

Just throwing out the hypothetical to see what people feel about the issue...