I am writing to everyone that cares about our Fallen Heroes. My father Colonel John O'Grady POW/MIA has been left behind. In May of 2012 our government discovered that after his plane was shot down he survived and was captured. They also obtained information that he later died & exactly where he was buried. In May 2012 JPAC started excavating his burial site, but shortly after suspended the excavation citing safety concerns for a family member.

They have never Gone Back. They left a Hero in an unmarked grave 8,000 Miles away. I want them to return to his burial site and Bring him Home. I have started a petition to the Whitehouse, to force them to go back and get my dad. I need 100,000 signatures by October 19th. I cannot do this alone. Please post the LINK to the Petition and encourage your followers to SIGN it.

This is one MIA that they know exactly where he is, Together we can get him HOME.
Here is the LINK: