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Thread: Special order equipment.....

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    Special order equipment.....

    As I shared in another thread. my son has joined the JROTC and is thriving in that structured environment.

    Yesterday was the required day to dress in the uniform at school, except that he had to wear his tennis shoes. He has a size 15 shoe and the program had none on hand. I'm sure they are going to order it, but until it arrives, he is wearing his tennis shoes.

    My Mom wanted to go out and buy him a pair of the required boots instead of waiting for the boots to arrive. Yes, she loooooves to spoil him; however, I think she was remembering all the special orders my Dad had to wait on when he served.

    I remember hearing about how his boots at size 18 took 3-6 months to come in. When he was single, he had a specially made bed (for his 6'9 height) that had to be shipped a month in advance every time he PCS.

    Has anyone ever experienced or seen any other special-ordered equipment?

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    Re: Special order equipment.....

    You could try US Cavalry, they have a lot of military type stuff. If you are going to buy them yourself, and since you are talking footwear get some with a good sole (a little extra $$) that still work for military appearance (Bates is good also, sells a lot to law enforcement.)

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