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That just defies logic. If this is the case, then just get rid of this program. While I will agree that some who deploy set fitness goals, you know just as well as me that most don't. There are usually two categories. Hunks and Chunks. Some get fat too from the all u can eat DFACs.

At some deployed locations you can get two more categories. Punks and Drunks.

Anyway, people who can't take the full test should not be allowed to deploy. Why do we need to send handicaps or our PT failures down range? It defies logic.
My last deployment was to PSAB in 2001. I came back in the best shape of my life. At that time we did not have a PT test. The AF said we did but I never knew anybody to fail it. When you are working 12 to 14 hours a day it was good to go to the gym and unwind. I do not agree with allowing someone not to deploy if the fail a PT test. Test them again when they get back.

When I was stationed at McGuire they handle it a lot different. We had some good TDYs 90 days to Sigonella Italy and 90 day trips to Rota Spain. If you were on the fat boy program or had a UIF file you could not go to Italy or Spain but we sure would send you’re happy as to the PSAB or Hondo. I still think Hondo is the best kept secret in the AF but that’s another thread.