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Ummm...Razor Ramon...he started as Scott Hall in the AWA, ran by Verne Gagne. He was, at the time, referred to as an alligator wrestler. He was "The Bad Guy", one of the founding members of the NWO in WCW, along with Kevin Nash (Diesel/Oz). When they jumped from WWE to WCW it was one of the first times that it was recognized on a wrestling show that there even was another wrestling company. They were known as "The Outsiders", supposedly not members of WCW. When Hogan came over, they formed the NWO when Hogan went "heel" against Macho Man. Shall I go on? And, no, I'm not ashamed for knowing this.
Here is a little history that no one but me will care about, but I'll tell it anyway.

Verne Gagne was originally from MN. Every year he held a Vern Gagne high school wrestling tournament. In 1989 I won my weight class and he presented me with my medal.