Do you ever feel like you have way too much going on? I think we are constantly on the go. Our kids are everywhere. One takes dance a few nights a week, middle one plays soccer or baseball and does a Robotics club, and the little one takes dance and gymnastics. Then we add in all the normal errands, making dinner, and doing homework..its chaos.

We have discussed pulling them out of some activities...but not sure on that one. They enjoy them so much. The oldest is a phenominal dancer and the middle one is a damn good soccer player and loves is something he likes to do but not as good at is as he is soccer. The little one is still trying to figure out what she likes best.

Do you think kids activities can be overwhelming? Do you think they are good for kids? A positive I see is time management. Our kids KNOW homework comes first and they make sure it is all done. Chores also have to be completed and done correctly. I also see that my kids seem to be natural leaders of their friends. Not sure if it is just who they are or if team sports has helped.

Thoughts. How does it work in your family?