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This is nothing but crap the Air Force feeds us. It's not at all about playing a part in a deployed situation. If that was the case, why do we do pushups, situps? Woman don't have to be nearly as strong as men, yet they are in the same deployed positions men are in. So the strength part plays no part. Neither does the waist. The only thing that plays a part is the cardio, and almost nobody complains about that part of the test.
Because you can get a waiver for this part...you can't waiver the waist measurement. If you could waiver the waist, then no one would be talking about this program. You can also waiver p/u and s/u, no one is talking about them either.

The main discussion is occuring over the waist measurement for the simple fact that you CAN'T avoid it like the other components. No skinny person will ever complain about the waist measurement...