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Thread: Not Just Payday Loans....

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    Re: Not Just Payday Loans....

    Quote Originally Posted by Pullinteeth View Post
    I have known people that have used both the rent-to-own and payday loans and back when I was poor, my wife used a payday loan place without telling me. Neither one are ideal but they don't pretend that they are a charity. They want your $$ and when you are over a barrel.... One thing that did amuse me about the rent-to-own was that the SSgt that did it had more stuff than I did (TSgt) and it was nicer-for a hot minute. Eventually they trashed it and the rent-to-own company had their truck parked in the neighborhood to try to catch them at home to get their stuff back... Personally, I don't NEED an X-box enough to have a burning desire to pay $1,000 for one...

    That's the thing as well. People use the rent to own option to buy expensive things when they don't have the money to buy them in the first place. So they are just digging themselves a hole. When I was in that store everything looked nice and clean, and there were a few of those " I would like to have that" but I was sensible and only got a decent washer and dryer. That was in 2007 and they were still running as of the beginning of this year. That is until my ex-wife sold them for more drug money.

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    Re: Not Just Payday Loans....

    Heck, when in norfolk, i used those car title places as a means to try and get my credit score up (get a lone and pay it off before due).

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