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Thread: Proxies Banned?

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    Re: Proxies Banned?

    Quote Originally Posted by technomage1 View Post
    On a serious note, Anonymous scares the daylights out of me. On the one hand, they certainly do give it to some groups that deserve it, like the Westboro Baptist Church. On the other, they disrupt the lives of millions of people just to prove a point, like when they disrupted the banking system. These are people who, could no kidding wipe all of our bank accounts clean and probably get away with it.
    I think they are less of a threat than they are often made out to be and most of the time their so called “hacks” and dumps of stolen data are publicly available and/or outdated information. The large majority of their Distributed Denial of Service tactics are easily mitigated.

    Network administrators that practice unbelievable stupid security practices are they greatest enabler to groups like Anonymous.

    About three years ago the core membership of Anonymous contained some impressive programing knowledge and hacking capability but the people that possessed it have already been rounded up.

    On-the-other-hand, you never know when a talented computer genius will become disgruntled and join their ranks.

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    Re: Proxies Banned?

    What about the IP's on Hidemyass website did you try them? Most of their proxies are good and fast. But if you have a budget you can buy private proxy.

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