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Thread: Moderated Debates?

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    Re: Moderated Debates?

    Quote Originally Posted by RS6405 View Post
    Hmmm that reminds me of someone... of course I am 2 days post the original comment, so someone may have said the same thing....
    I think you were the first probably to state it out loud (or at least in text). I would have said that I myself was guilty of it except for the fact that I can honestly state that I generally key in on a person's point in the full rather than thrashing their post into short sentences of text and nitpicking little errors for the purpose of distracting from the overall context of the person's argument.

    Speaking of back and forth discussions, it would appear you came out on top for our first grand discussion about how DOMA would get repealed. I'll grant we both predicted the method accurately you did more so in also predicting which mechanism would win. That's what I get for debating a practicing lawyer when court stuff is involved. I'd hoped the legislature would get to it first, but it certainly lost that race!
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    Re: Moderated Debates?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizzo77 View Post
    Don't forget rule #1 for internet debates: The debate ends when a Nazi analogy is made, with the writer who made the analogy being considered to have lost the argument.
    I disagree - in most cases it's a silly analogy, however, if the writer can make a strong case that there is a correlation between the topic and Nazism, what's wrong with saying it?

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    Re: Moderated Debates?

    Quote Originally Posted by RobotChicken View Post
    :spy "'Joe B' vs 'Tak' ding DING!!"
    You must have missed where they said that facts had to be used to support the argument...

    Quote Originally Posted by Vrake View Post
    Well then you are entirely wrong!! I interrupt your response to say everyone who posts here is out for what's best for their respective service and anyone with a different view might just roast kittens on the weekend.

    What do you have against Vietnamese veal?
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