A friend of mine made the statement today that had Manning shot an unarmed kid in an affluent neighborhood, he would have gotten no jail time (a reference to the George Zimmerman verdict).

Manning has been portrayed by his supporters, lawyers and some in the media as a whistleblower who was exposing war crimes by the United States. However, a couple of things:

1. If he had an issue with U.S. policy in Iraq, Afghanistan or where ever that conflicted his ability to safeguard classified information, why not ask to be reassigned duties that prevented him from being around it?

2. He didn't acknowledge what he did was wrong until after conviction but before sentencing, throwing himself on the mercy of the judge.

3. If he was so principled about what he leaked, why did he did not target what information he released? He essentially went to the classified shared drives & hit CTRL A (select all), CTRL C (copy), and the pasted everything to CDs and thumb drives. EVERYTHING he could find: geopolitical data, after action reports, diplomatic cables, operational reports and briefings. There was no sense to what he copied other than he just took everything he could.