I have the pass to office of first lieutenant John HOAR. Here's the story ...

That day (march 6th 1945), a squadron with 36 American planes took off from Juvincourt in France, it is part of the 647th U.S. esquadron, 410 group. The mission of the 35 Douglas A-20 Havoc and a B-26 bombing Ofladen, a suburb of Cologne. The return of the mission, the pilots of two A-20, Nos. 43-21725 and 44-172, radioed they leave the training and sink into the thick clouds. The region is indeed engulfed in fog. This will be the last news of these two aircraft since shortly after they crashed west of the town, to Houssonloge, it is 4:10 p.m.. Were they hanging? have they collided trees? The fog he distorted the altimeter data? It is impossible to say in the absence of witnesses.

Of harzéens arrive at the place of falling debris and among them my grandfather Auguste RIXHON, communal worker at the time, who is asked by the authorities to collect human remains horribly mangled, and bury them temporarily on instead. This he did, especially with the help of his son Edmond. They buried him six corpses and Augustus erected a wooden cross on the grave. Later, the bodies were exhumed and taken by U.S. services. Among the debris in a jacket pocket leather pieces, my grandfather found a pass (pass) on behalf of a first lieutenant John HOAR who had to be one of the six victims. Yet, years later, the names of the six airmen were disclosed: Lieutenant Lloyd E.DICKERSON No service M 1051 - Sergeant Major William R.MAHOOD - Sergeant Major Donald D.REESE - Lieutenant Allen R.WEBSTER - Sergeant Ralph Hunter PAGE No. 34653295 Service and Staff Sergeant Frank L.RANKIN, no trace of J.HOAR! Yet there was a crew from A-20 six victims so well three men. Presumably, either the precipitation off, cloakroom, one of the pilots had accidentally take the leather jacket John HOAR with the pass in the pocket or John HOAR had forgotten or lost his pass in the plane in a previous task ?

Who has some information of this soldier ?

Thank's e lot.