So here is the requirement:

Research Paper: Each student will be expected to describe an organization or company and elaborate on how it manages its information system and the ability of these information systems to allow the organization/company to grow and remain competitive in the future.

Submit by the end of week 1 a written proposal identifying the organization, the industry in which the organization operates, and a summary of your desire to study this organization. Once approved, perform the analysis of the organization. This should consist of an in-depth study that provides a brief overview of the organization, identifying the appropriateness of their current systems, and assessing the future potential of these systems to yield growth, reduce costs, and maintain competitive advantage. The focus should be on recommending an improved system concept to the company's board of directors, which outlines a go-forward systems approach for the next decade and beyond. Include financial (cost to implement) and Return on Investment (ROI) data.

So does anyone either work in CST for an organization in the AF, or is retired and work in a help desk, Information Systems capacity, that can be of assistance? Obviously I don't wnat you to write the paper for me, but I do need someone for obvious Q&A purposes.