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Thread: Gay troops can be authorized up to 10 days of "marriage leave"

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    Re: Gay troops can be authorized up to 10 days of "marriage leave"

    Quote Originally Posted by spirit_eyes View Post
    Yes, it's happening. Or yes, they should be treated EQUAL and get leave just like straight people?
    Yes it's happening. My opinion on the latter is yes as well, but it's not what's being done.
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    Re: Gay troops can be authorized up to 10 days of "marriage leave"

    Quote Originally Posted by Tak View Post
    Gay couples in military having trouble getting leave to get married

    Stars and Stripes
    From the article:

    Quote Originally Posted by Stripes
    An enlisted woman in the Air Force stationed at Keesler Air Force Base in Mississippi, who asked that her name not be used for fear of reprisal, said she asked for the leave earlier this month but was told authorization to grant the time off hadn’t “trickled down” yet.

    She used personal leave to go to New York to get married, and her spouse successfully registered for benefits on the base after the couple returned.

    Even so, she said: “Let’s say I married a man, I’m sure I wouldn’t be having any of these holdups.”
    Um, yes...yes you would have those "hold-ups." You'd have to us personal leave to go to New York to marry your male spouse if you weren't gay.

    She inadvertantly pointed out the insanity of the policy in a round-about way.

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    Re: Gay troops can be authorized up to 10 days of "marriage leave"

    I like this one....

    "The frustrations are palpable for soldiers such as Spc. Jodie Harper, an Ohio National Guard member and Army supply clerk stationed in Kuwait. When he heard about the new policy, he immediately applied for 10 days of leave to wed his longtime companion, Craig Roberts, in Washington, D.C., where gay marriage is legal."

    Who the fuck gets to take leave when they are deployed? Fucking crybaby.

    "Nor, Pentagon officials now say, is the leave available to troops deployed in Kuwait, Afghanistan and other bases in the Middle East that the Pentagon uses to support the war in Afghanistan."


    "Lt. Sheila McCabe, an Army air defense officer deployed to Kuwait, said her application to go home to get married was turned down by her battalion commander, who said he had never heard of the new leave policy. She said he told her she could take personal leave to go home.

    McCabe said “many people” in her unit “had commented negatively” since the Pentagon announced the policy. “I actually have been told that ‘your situation shouldn’t make you special,’” she said."
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