I have always taped around 34. In my last three tests (6 months apart), it was 34.5, 36.5, 34. When the dude said 36.5 I was thinking WTF? I hadn't changed anything about me, weight the same as ever... plain and simple, it was the taper. We are toying with peoples careers on this issue and its utter BS.

I am torn on civilians in the FAC role. I have seen some that were great, call it like it is, period. But I have seen a few that were "power hungry". The worst I saw was one overweight civvie that was super critical on push-ups. People were doing like 35... score, 22. If you could do just over your minimum you were screwed unless you had perfect form. In my unit we were going by, "decide the number you want to complete, then add 6 or 7 to be safe".