While Cross Fit is an excellent workout it seems like a big safety hazard to me when done in large groups.

At my gym this morning the cross fit group was running around the building carrying 45 lb plates. Some of them were in very close proximity to each other and they were grasping the plates by the edges with one or both hands and constantly shift and adjusting their grip. It is only a matter of time before some drops one of those plates on their foot or the person next to them.

I’ve also seen them working out with the kettle balls and it is nerve wracking to watch them swinging those things around each other.

I go to a civilian gym now but I used to see some crazy things in Air Force gyms. I’ve never seen anyone get hit by a 45 lb plate but did know a guy who had one dropped on his foot. It was a very serious injury and he required surgery and about a year to fully recover.

Has anyone seen this before and are the Cross Fit/P90X/Insanity work out people still clogging up the military gyms?