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The Golden Rule
A good rule of thumb is to never say something in the message boards that you wouldn't say in front of a group of people, or face-to-face.

The Basics
Do not violate OPSEC.

Loose lips sink ships.

Advertising and solicitation
Posts that include advertising, solicitation or promotions may be removed. Members intent on spamming our communities may find their posting privileges revoked without additional warning.

You're welcome to voice your opinion here, and it would be a boring place if you didn't. But if you disagree with a comment that's been made, keep it civil. Posts designed to instigate or disrupt discussions or that contain offensive material may be removed, along with other messages posted in response. Please don't use obscene or offensive language, hate speech or engage in personal attacks of other members. Bashing services on branch-specific forums or any forum is not acceptable within our communities. Posts made with the intent to belittle, harass or otherwise disrupt a community will be removed. Repeated instances of such harassment and disruption may result in a revocation of posting privileges.

Graphic sexual language and images
Graphic sexual language and images are not acceptable. Find another site for that. Posts will be removed with posting privileges suspended should your word choice and/or photos become too graphic. Social norms are the accepted guideline here, but as with all things in these forums, we have the final say.

Including links to informative and helpful sites is part of Internet communication. Choosing to click on a link is your decision. We do not screen links. However, posts may be removed if a hyperlink is not in the following format -- or .org or any number of acceptable addresses. The key here is no hidden agendas. Tell us where the link goes so our members may make informed decisions on whether to click or not. Remember: We do not screen links in posts, but may remove a post if the link is determined to be inappropriate.

Mild vulgarity
We don't really mind mild profanity. We've been known to let one fly, ourselves. However, if it becomes excessive or you direct it at another person, that's no good.

Personal information
We want to get to know you but remember these message boards are public and anyone could be reading. Please don't share information such as address and phone number, yours or someone else's. Be safe.

Post removal and reporting
We don't pre-screen or regularly review message board posts. If you feel a post, conversation or user requires our attention, let us know by using the Report Bad Post button (it's on the top right of every message board post). We reserve the right to remove, without notification, content that doesn't comply with our guidelines. Continued violation of these guidelines may result in a loss of posting privileges on our message boards.

Private Messages
Important word here is private. Private means not for public consumption and it's just common courtesy not to post the contents of private messages on the public boards. Posting private communication may be viewed as member harassment and/or disruption which may result in the suspension of posting privileges.

Posting spam (the same post or information multiple times in one message board or many) isn't allowed and will be removed. Posts containing nudity, sexual acts or related photos, videos, links, etc. will be removed and posting privileges revoked.

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