According to proposed legislation H.R. 671, compensation should be afforded to those who are discovered to be victims of Sexual Assault or Harassment. Compensation was also pointed out to the Armed Services Committee on 4 June 2013, as an incentive for victims to come forward and report if they have been victims.

There was also a proposed Bill of Rights for Service-members who are victims of crimes.

This idea runs similar to a Civilian run Court of Law.

I'm thinking maybe it should extend beyond just Sexual Assaults or Harassment. Maybe not necessarily a monetary compensation for other crimes, but the right to counter-sue like in the Civilian sector.

For instance, if a person sues another person, and the defendant is found not to be guilty, the defendant can counter-sue for damages, emotional turmoil, defamation of character, etc.

So if this law is passed, shouldn't other judicial proceedings change? Such as service-members having the right to press charges against their Commands if the Command threatens them with Non Judicial punishment or a Court Martial, and they are not found guilty? This might force Commanders to ensure they have their "ducks in a row" before flippantly pushing charges towards and individual for biased reasons....

Is there something that already exists for service members in cases like this?