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Thread: A toy to make a Shrike drool...

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    A toy to make a Shrike drool...

    Me thinks the AF SPECOPs troops will be envious...right JD?:smile:

    It's the same in all wars, the very young and adventurous give up their lives for the old and cautious, and so the bluecollar for the privileged, the uneducated for the student, the poor for the well off, the patriot for the politician, and the few for the many.

    TC6, C5

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    Re: A toy to make a Shrike drool...

    :rocketwhore: 'Bout time! We were :damnit-sign1:When the 9mm came out..:wtf1:is this political :bsflag:? We still carried a 1911 anyway; and on the '9, they taught to fire 2 rounds to knock out the target!! Great, now go drag him out of the bush to cap another one!! .45 one shot done gitmo for you!! :rockon

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