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Thread: Via ThinkProgress: Pentagon Establishes Process For Trans Veterans To Change Gender

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    Via ThinkProgress: Pentagon Establishes Process For Trans Veterans To Change Gender

    Via ThinkProgress: Pentagon Establishes Process For Transgender Veterans To Change Gender Records (excerpt):

    Despite the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the military still does not allow people who are transgender to serve. Still, many people only transition after they’ve completed their service, creating complications for their continued receipt of benefits. Now, the Pentagon has recognized its first gender change for a military veteran and established a process — albeit a bit burdensome one — for future trans vets to do the same.

    Blogger and activist Autumn Sandeen was informed earlier this month that the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) has been updated to show her gender as female...
    Via [I]Buzzfeed[I]'s Pentagon Recognizes Transgender Veteran, Advocates See A “Shift” (excerpt):

    ... “The fact that a process exists [to change the gender listed] indicates that there are people in the Department of Defense who are aware of the needs of transgender retirees and who are working to see those needs met. And, in that sense, the significance of this symbolic act for our broader work and for our goal of open service becomes I think a little bit more apparent,” OutServe-SLDN executive director Allyson Robinson told BuzzFeed.

    Although gay, lesbian and bisexual service members have been able to serve openly since September 2011, transgender people — those whose self-perception of their gender does not match the gender they were assigned at birth — continue to be discharged if they try to serve openly.

    Sandeen had previously worked with the National Center for Transgender Equality to establish the standards used by the Department of Veterans Affairs for addressing transgender issues, and she also had changed her gender with other governmental entities.

    “I have now done California, the Veterans Administration, State Department with a passport, and the Social Security office, I have changed all of this,” she said. “The one last place that shows me as male is the Department of Defense — from being a retiree there.” ...
    Via LGBT Weekly's Changing my documented gender with the Department of Defense (excerpt):

    OutServe-SLDN and I are announcing today, May 16, that I’ve changed my documented gender with the Department of Defense. We’ve together documented which documents are required to change one’s electronic gender marker in the DOD’s databases, and the procedures and service specific addresses for submitting those documents to the four DOD military services. In a very direct way, documenting and publishing procedures will give other trans military retirees a template for how to accomplish changing their own DOD documented gender.

    ...The DOD’s requirements are more onerous. They require all of the following documents to change one’s recorded gender:

    1. Changed birth certificate (original or notarized copy)

    2. Court order: name change document (original or notarized copy)

    3. Notarized letter indicating surgical transition letter

    4. Court order: change of gender (original or notarized copy)

    5. Copy of updated Social Security Card or notarized copy of current Social Security Benefits indicating changed name and SSN

    6. Copy of driver’s license, state-issued ID card, or passport with new name and gender indicated

    The following additional document is a required document if one has a spouse that is enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS):

    7. Notarized letter from the retired servicemember’s spouse indicating that he or she understands that after the DOD documents the gender change they will lose their Tricare coverage.

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    Re: Via ThinkProgress: Pentagon Establishes Process For Trans Veterans To Change Gend

    I consider myself to be a very liberal person. I'm not sure if what I'm about to say reflects the limits of my liberalism (and I'm sure that we all draw the line somewhere), but here goes:

    While I will respect someone's choice to identify with whatever sex they feel comfortable with, and will refer to them as such out of that respect; I do not believe that pre-op transsexuals should be legally considered to be the sex opposite from their genetic one. Nor should they be allowed to use the facilities. Once they get the operation, then by all means, make their status legal and let them use to corresponding facilities.

    And there's a reason for this: safety. College dorms, for example - and I know that there have been fights over this in the past. Heterosexual man, complete with XY chromosomes, who is 100% male; could easily pre-tend to be transgender in order to get into the female dorms or use women's restrooms. He gets in, and now a few women get raped. Vice versa, as well. Someone who was born a woman - with XX chromosomes - but identifies as a man, but has not gone through the procedures fights the battle and wins - and is now in the male dorms. Couple of the guys get drunk, and they know that their friend has a vagina - bam - rape.

    A few years ago, there was a woman fired from a department store for not letting a transgender use the women's fitting room.

    But let's think about this: what if she had, and it turned out to be a poser who ended up raping a woman who was back there changing? The employee probably could have gone to jail over it.
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    Re: Via ThinkProgress: Pentagon Establishes Process For Trans Veterans To Change Gend

    :frusty No money too keep A/C flying?? But keep sex changes going?? What the 'L' is this tread about??? :rapture

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    Re: Via ThinkProgress: Pentagon Establishes Process For Trans Veterans To Change Gend

    Whatever happened to Lady GaGa's "Born This Way" mantra? It's one thing to be born with male and female sexual organs. It's another issue to have a specific set of sexual organs and have the mindset of the opposite sex. I don't recall anatomy as being a prequisite for establishing one's sexual orientation. Orientation is a mindset. However, anatomy is utilized in order to determine what gender of species you are; not your mindset.

    If you're born with a penis and testicles... you're a dude...even if you like girl clothes and other dudes.

    If you have breasts and a vagina, then you're a woman....even if you like g.i. joes, guy clothes and like other chicks.

    "Baby, I was born this way..."

    Please note that my statement is based off the following exerpt: "those whose self-perception of their gender does not match the gender they were assigned at birth — continue to be discharged if they try to serve openly."

    For those who have both sets of sexual organs... they have the unique privelege of choosing their gender via surgery to match their mindset....or self-perception.
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