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Thread: Banks and cashing in coin rolls.

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    Re: Banks and cashing in coin rolls.

    Quote Originally Posted by technomage1 View Post
    Well, you also have the ability to check cash and a local source of funds, which comes in handy at times. Say your wallet/purse got stolen. No credit cards, a wait for them to arrive - no cash and no bank willing to cash your out of town check without a whopper of a fee. I always have a local account just for emergency funds.
    I also have a NC State Employee account I used when I was working in Afghanistan. But when I got back to the USA and moved out here to Cali there are no branches out here. So I opened up a Wells Fargo account. I know they suck, but I haven't had a problem with them yet. The big plus is that the local branch is literally 2 blocks down or .2 for those that live in the country.

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    Re: Banks and cashing in coin rolls.

    Quote Originally Posted by garhkal View Post
    Moved up here from Gulfport MS last October.
    Be sure to check out the Zoo. In the winter it has wonderful lights, so does Alum Creek. Also, be sure to eat at Der Dutchman in Plain City. Trust me, it's worth the drive. And COSI is pretty cool too. Summers we used to drive up to Put-In-Bay on lake Erie. It's a great day trip. German village, the Ohio Historical Society, and Ohio Village are also neat to check out. The later two are near Crew Stadium and the Ohio State Fairgrounds.
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