I came across this and had to wonder, do people REALLY believe that if a homosexual fails at something it is due to discrimmination?

"Country music fans are notorious for excommunicating those whom they perceive as undesirable (see Wright, Chely)."

The FACTS are that she had a few hits in the late '90s early '00s...in '03 her label dropped her because her record sales sucked...she released a record independantly in '04...got picked up by a label in '05 that did ok...released another one in '08-the first single from that one didn't make the airwaves until '10.

She came out in '10....she previously had a very public tryst with Brad Paisley (in '00)...

So the question is, did her coming out in 2010 really CAUSE her failure as a country music artist? OR is she a failed country music artist that just happens to be gay?