In the Corps there is a reflexive hatred and bitterness towards female Marines. I'm not sure why exactly. Is it because its a high-tempo/high stress organization, and the females were an unfortunate easy target to vent all this hatred and anger?

The "female problem" is entirely self-inflicted. All the services have a double standard for the sexes... but the USMC is by far the worst offender. From day 1 of boot camp female Marines are taught that they are weaker, that there's roles that they couldn't/shouldn't do. In other words... that sense of entitlement that American girls often have is never broken.

So basically, the females are being taught from Day #1 at a lower standard... then when they fail out of courses that's somehow evidence that they shouldn't be held to a higher standard. It's circular reasoning.

From my experience - a typical Army girl will deblouse and help pitch the operations tent and fill sand bags without even thinking about it - from what I saw in the Corps - the dudes would be working, and the female standing around expecting everyone to work except her. Not to say they were all like that... but its an attitude that the organization seemed to actively encourage.