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Thread: 1957 chevy truck (once navy owned)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mama's girl View Post
    HELLO, I am so sorry that I have hit a nerve with a lot of you, some of you have made fun of me and given answers that are really not helping, I wonder if you really needed help and had a NAVY owned truck that ment a lot to you, if I read your story, and could help you I would, so have a good night. mama's girl once I find out how to post picts. I will
    Necro post or not, I got a good laugh at her haughty response.

    She thinks that truck might be worth more because it was owned by the Navy, not likely.

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    If anything, it should be worth LESS. On the base where I work, there are quite a few Chevy Silverados that are of the 2007 to 2013 model years... they're all painted in a matte grey color, and when you look at the interior... they've all been gutted out and replaced with a shitty interior. They clearly have some sort of "operational" purpose, though I don't know what it is. These trucks likely belong to the riverine squadron commands.

    I've driven "govies" (as "duty driver") before, but they were vehicles with the original paint job and interior left in tact.

    I'm guessing this Chevy truck isn't the latter case, as she'd be less likely to know that it was even owned by the Navy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Max Power View Post
    OK, blame me. I didn't look at the date the thread was started, nor the date of its last post. But for crap sake why are there such old theads on the first page? They were all from 2013. Why weren't there any 2014 threads there?

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