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You have a point but the contradiction you speak of exists on the left also. 22 children get killed by a murderer and the left are ready to take your guns away. At the same time over 50 Million babies have been aborted since 1973 but they oddly have no problem with this. How can you (not you specifically) say you support gun control because you value life and also be in favor of abortion?
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Very true.. They are all in favor of protecting the 'kids' when it comes to gun rights, but don't seem to care on abortion (from my pov of listening to the left).
This argument also works in reverse... why is the Right so determined to make sure each and every fertilized egg makes it to birth... but the second the kid pops out of the womb it doesn't matter if he dies of starvation, doesn't get educated, or gets killed by a shooter?

The kid doesn't start mattering again until he gets to 18... so he can join the military (with a GED waiver)