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I'm not sure why Burawski and Vrake think North Korea is "starting to ratchet up their rhetoric." I haven't seen that reported. No one I know who follows North Korea thinks that. By traditional standards, North Korean speeches and media have been fairly mellow as of late. Allowing a sports figure to appear in public with Kim was an enormous public-relations coup but it was anything but hostile.

Not refueling one carrier (not carriers, plural) for a temporary period and threatening to delay inspections is all cosmetic posturing. This time around, the Navy has proven better at it than the Air Force, which normally excels at rolling out the "Washington Monument Syndrome."

Besides, those air wings won't be grounded much longer anyway.

Mr Dorr a run through cnn or foxnews will show you the article where NK are saying they are ending the armistice and will "strike the US". It's all talk as everyone knows. They would not be stupid enough to do anything of substance. As for my multiple refuel comment there has been talk ( talk I know but where there is smoke there is fire) about putting the CVN-73 in storage rather then refuel it. I don't know how much weight that holds but just hearing it is disturbing.

This link is mellow?


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I don't know if you are privy to message traffic but it is already hitting us with our jets in PMI'S. Jets are being slid and delayed already because they are so old. While we wait for them we run the hours off the ones we have. So I will say if this is a Washington Monument Syndrome it sucks to have the symptoms with no cure in sight.