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There is no way to forgive Powell's performance in his United Nations speech, whether it was a lie (and there is lots of good reason to believe it was) or a mistake. That performance was the tipping point and tens of thousands of people have died as a result. This performance was typical of a career of a man who will say anything or do anything to get ahead and who doesn't possess an iota of honesty. There is not a single thing to admire about this man. He is the prototype for all of the self-serving, suck-up sycophants who followed and who got us into the mess we're in today.
Colin Powell is a distinguished military veteran who saw multiple tours in Vietnam - to include being wounded and surviving a helicopter crash - who served as Ronald Reagan's National Security Advisor, who performed admirably as the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, who has received several US military decorations (Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Soldier's Medal, etc) and also received several high-order decorations from foreign nations.

You rode a desk, you write literary dribble about aircraft and history, and you lurk on the MilitaryTimes.com forum like some sort of ancient Troll.

Out of the two of you, one is deserving of admiration and respect for, at the very least, his 35 years of honorable military service to the United States. Let me let you in on a little secret: it's not you.

You know a lot about airplanes and you have made some very good points in discussions past, but you make yourself out to be a very tiny man in this thread.