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Thread: Should chanting "USA" be racist?

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    Re: Should chanting "USA" be racist?

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    TJ, Pullinteeth said that we all act on our prejudices, and he gave those two examples. He appears to be assuming that we'd all react the same way to those scenarios, when it just isn't true. Do you think everyone goes onto "MLK Blvd" ready to shit their pants?

    Like I said, all I know is that if you want your money back; you have to file the report. Highly likely that you have to report all incidents, but if I chose not to report one, then obviously that's a shame on me. I'd rather have kept on working and racking up those tips than to waste hours of my shift filing a report on someone who will never be identified and apprehended; when I was only robbed of $15.

    Put a sock in it, chump.
    Nope, I bring my XD. MLK in LV looks like a warzone. Most places I've been MLK is run down and full drug activity and violence. Damn shame considering what that man did for our country.

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    Re: Should chanting "USA" be racist?

    Heh...heh...heh...this guy claims he didn't know it was a Nazi salute... Odd to get that kind of punishment in a country that just elected a bunch of NAzis (literally-not kidding about that).

    Best part? They didn't even say THAT was racist...just an insult to the victims of Nazi brutality....
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