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True, I have access to AKO, but he did leave it up to me as to where I should write whatever it is I have to say, and so I get to choose which media I use, and I choose here! If you don't like it, you can go off to AKO yourself, and leave us in peace, but that remains your choice and I will support you in which ever decision you choose to make.
You really don't understand English do you? If the Army wants to hear from you and that is the reason you continue to post, you should post where the Army will actually see what you post. AKO might be an avenue but if the Gen REALLY wants to hear from you, why don't you go to his house?

I could care less if you post or not. Occassionally you do contribute something to a discussion but saying that you post in a forum owned and operated by a for-profit company and claiming you do so because a government entity with absolutely no affiliation with said forum wants to hear from you is asinine at BEST.