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Thread: Troops say proposed UCMJ change unfair in prostitution-legal Germany

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    Re: Troops say proposed UCMJ change unfair in prostitution-legal Germany

    Quote Originally Posted by sharkhunter View Post
    I was stationed in Spangdahlem AB, Germany when this article was published and I even responded back to column. I was a young A1C at the time, but now that I'm a mature SSgt, my view has changed (somewhat). The issue that can arise...does visiting a brothel or having a prostitute (legal or illegal) present a good military image? And if you are caught (again, whether its legal or not), what can of personal character does that show to your First Shirt or CC? Even worse, what if you were married and caught?
    If your stupid ass is dumb enough to go visit the Venus Bar (aptly located between Spangdahlem and Bitburg Air Base in the Eiffel Community) wearing your PT gear or ABUs, then you're a bigger idiot if you get caught by some First Shirt or OSI douchebag!

    To piggyback off of Pullinteeth's post, who made people like you the morality police? What's so 'good' about killing people, whether you do it with an M-4 rifle, a sniper rifle, or an F-16? How's that for "good military image"?

    The bottom line is that people need to fuck, just as much as they need to breathe air, eat and sleep. The DoD is stupid to think that people can just turn off their libido like the flip of a switch, when they deploy, go TDY, or PCS. Instead, they should be smart the way they used to be back in the day: Public Health does checks on bars and brothels which they find meet health standards, and let the troops do the rest if they please. While there will always be the human trafficking element, in countries like Germany and the Netherlands, the military can always work with the Polizei to ensure our GIs are going to places which comply fully with host nation laws. They can always place an off-limits sign to the establishments which don't wanna play ball....kinda the way they do already with off-base businesses, night clubs, and vendors who just don't give a damn.

    I blame the stupidity of the military on people with your sentiments.
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    Re: Troops say proposed UCMJ change unfair in prostitution-legal Germany

    :spyGo get'em 'Machine666' You the Man!! :lol

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