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Well, I think you ask yourself..."Why is it that blacks don't want to come here? What about us is not appealing to blacks? Is it our image? Is it something we do? Is it because we don't recruit in black areas? Is it because our standards of dress and appearance and conduct are all based off of white cultural norms?

If it really is just that they don't like to be around water, then there isn't much we can do about that, I mean, we are the coast guard...but, I think it's valid to probe a little deeper and find out why blacks aren't interested in the Coast Guard, if that is even true.
Why should there be a specific targeting of advertising specificly for blacks? What in the black culture does the coast guard need to target? There is a pretty significant overlap in white and black cultures and people seem to think they are mutally exclusive. Maybe Corny can fill us in if there is some part of the black culture that needs to be more targeted for recruitment? Should there just be more blacks in the comercials?

I dont know what you mean by the dress and appearance of white cultural standards? There are so many white cultural dress styles, its not funny.