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Interesting to see fights lining up with the military cuts...
not sure who is more corrupt, the politicians or the corrupt military establishment...
Governors and such taking military to task to help their states, in spite of the country...
Gotta love america, corruption in every walk of life...they talk about ethics and
we had a sitting president getting head in the white house behind his wifes back,
but oh yeah we shouldnt worry about what people do in their private life.
In that case after work I'll go castrate a sleeping midget donkey and fondle a
mcdonald worker who has down syndrome but can handle the fries, all the while
beating a dozen eggs in a prostitues hobo dick cheese.
I'm sure you do, but you know they can task the Guard to help out thier states right? I THINK you eluding to the worry about losing jobs at whatever plants are in thier state.