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Thread: I support the peeing Marines

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    Re: I support the peeing Marines

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Bonham View Post
    But do you understand his point - on how similar 1930s-40s German rhetoric is strikingly similiar to what we're being told today?

    Has discussion worked for them? Could they have "discussed" us out of Iraq?

    How do you figure? Maybe the dead terrorists did. But the terrorists who survived overwhelming American firepower, numbers, and training obviously value brains.

    Hey, maybe that's what makes violence so damn effective!

    If the shoe fits... wear it. Our own country matches all of the problems you just described!
    I will give you half-credit on that one, but only because we conducted an illegal war in Iraq in my opinion...however....

    Resorting to violence has not been our traditional method of protocol...look at the way we interact with formal nations who wish to engage in dialogue. And we haven't singed the nose hairs of the North Koreans yet with our nukes..While we may be giving Al Quaida hell in Afghanistan, we're still pretty tame in comparison. I think we should also treat the drug lords who flood our streets with drugs like cocaine, heroin, and meth as terrorists too, but that's an entirely different topic all together....
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    Re: I support the peeing Marines

    Apparently Gen Amos doesn't support the peeing Marines... According to the convening authority (Lt Gen Waldhauser), he was relieved when he couldn't promise that all linked to the scandal would be tossed out of the Corps.
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    Re: I support the peeing Marines

    Lynch is far from an expert on this matter!

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