Funny thing happened to me at the gym today...

When I (a male) went into the female locker rooms to shower several of the women in the locker room got upset. Seems they felt uncomfortable with a heterosexual in the same locker room as them potentially watching them undress. I tried to explain to them that I had no intention of oogling them, made no overt signs of interest, I was a professional, and they needed to be professional about it too. Besides, seperate but equal showering, billeting and bathroom facilities smacked of segregation and we know how terrible that is. Can you image the cost and logistical nightmare if we had to create seperate living and bathroom facilities for every gender?

For some reason, I still can't explain why, I was asked to leave by the women and the gym staff. I guess all those women and the gym staff are heterophobes and haters.

I pray for the day when I can shower, bathe and serve with heterosexuals of both genders without fear of discrimination, hate and potential discharge from the military. I'm tired of having to live this secret life. ray