By Lance M. Bacon - Staff writer
Posted : Friday Aug 5, 2011 14:37:57 EDT

It is official: Nine-month deployments begin January, and the change will be fully implemented by April. The new policy does not affect soldiers who deploy prior to year’s end.

The new rules, announced Friday by Secretary of the Army John McHugh, apply to units at the division-level and below. Corps-level deployments will stay at 12 months “due to their oversight for the entire operation,” though the goal is to get them to nine months, said Army spokesman Lt. Col. Craig Ratcliff.

Augmentees to a Joint Task Force will remain on a 12-month deployment, due to the nature of those missions. Deployments for high-demand, low-density units and individual deployers will also remain at one year, as cutting their tours would require more people in those skill than currently exist.

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Less time in theater may equate to less time at home, at least at the onset. Is it worth it, in your opinion to have less time in theater if you're going to spend less time at home? How will force react to this, what are your reactions?