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I don't recall the article saying we won't get R & R with 9 months though. I could have missed it if it does. I don't think we'd get 15 days anymore but there may still be time off.

"Soldiers deploying under the change in policy will not be granted environmental morale leave -- known as R&R;, but commanders will retain the option of granting emergency leave and leave for special circumstances, according to Army regulations and local policy."

I tend to side with Craig86 on this. This seems to be a more smoke and mirrors cost reduction rather than an operational necessity or morale booster for the troops. Pre-mobilization and mobilization training still make this a long-term commitment for Soldiers. Since the government pays for R&R flights, there’s no doubt there will be millions saved by enacting this measure. From day 1 of training to the final welcome home ceremony, the time off is still minimal and even chargeable leave would be welcome.