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Thread: Scheming Atheists Ban Books from Springfield School

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    Re: Scheming Atheists Ban Books from Springfield School

    Quote Originally Posted by FixItWithAMod View Post
    I'll politely object; the US (despite the constant meddling by Christian political groups) is still enjoyably secular.

    London is dealing with an especially pathetic handful of barbaric worms practically holding whole areas hostage to their religious law.

    Also, I feel the need to point out that LOOK, I'm criticizing/ridiculing/attacking fundamentalist Islam as well, despite what certain popular Christian Conservative news personalities want to believe.
    Yes, but numbers are not on our side. In America it seems like theres 20 screaming fundies for every sensible atheist. There are 20 Glenn Becks for every 1 Richard Dawkins.

    As far as the UK is concerned - yes, they do allow Muslims to practice Shariah Law in domestic cases. But they let every tribal religion practice their foolish primitive customs, not just the Muslims. And as far as criminal investigations, the secular government is still running the show, and the witch doctors are not allowed to interfere with the police, or the REAL courts.

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    Re: Scheming Atheists Ban Books from Springfield School

    "Coming to an 'AF base near you thanks to a certain..'Col Brian Duffy' made sure of that!"

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