Hello everyone!
I just wanted to fill you in before i asked a few questions. My fiance and I have been together for over a year. He has recently has been stationed to Hawaii for the next 3 years where I am staying in our home state. We plan on getting married next summer but I just had a few questions to ask because Im not entirely sure how this works. I will be moving with him to Hawaii after we are married, and I also plan to finish school while we are there. I am a psychology major and I am entering my second year of college. Any other advice would be helpful. Sorry this is kind of out of order =)
1. Are we allowed to get married on an army base that isn't his own?
2. What are some recommendations on how to plan this wedding?
3. Since I was moving to Hawaii (Schofield Barracks to be exact) I was wondering what are some good places to live at and what are some good colleges?
Mostly I just had those few questions but please feel free to give any advice!