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You Know Your A Military Girlfriend When

You don't mind a phone call waking you up at 4 a.m.

You tell people that ask that he's 'only' been gone a month.

The smallest contact (short email) from your man makes your entire week!

You cry over an email that says nothing more than hi and I miss you.

You email everyone in your address book when you receive a one liner email from your Soldier.

Those recruitment commercials on TV make you cry because you are so proud!

You get super excited just knowing that your Soldier tried to call but wasn't able to get through.

Your first Military Ball you go to as your Soldier's girlfriend, your name tag says "Mrs".
Is that a self fulfilling prophecy or what?!?

A 30 second phone call after no calls from him for 3.5 months leaves you full of joy and happiness, and "No news is good news" becomes your motto.

The motto "no shore too distant " becomes your life.

You feel yourself growning more and more in love with your man even while he's so far away.

Planning letters and care packages and putting them in the mail is more exciting then going out for a night on the town with the girls.

While enjoying an evening alone together, your boyfriend shows you all the different ways he knows to kill or incapacitate a man, and then you casually continue cooking dinner as though it's perfectly normal, and you find yourself learning phrases in foreign languages from letters, and aren't surprised when you realize you know how to say, "Throw down your weapons and lay down on the ground!" in Arabic!

You hold off on seeing certain movies so you can see them with your Soldier when he comes home.

You want to roll your eyes when you hear someone say, "I havent seen my boyfriend in a week!"

You can go from being happy, to sad, to lonely, to angry, to proud, and back to happy in a matter of less than an hour, and you sleep with the phone right next to you, just in case.

If he's deployed you don't care how your hair looks nor care about wearing make-up, and the people at your work ask about your boyfriend every day to see if you've heard from him.

The sight of any other man in a uniform makes you miss your boyfriend MORE than it makes you drool, and you try to explain to civilians what your boyfriend does for a living, they give you a blank look because they don't understand a third of what you just said.

You are oceans apart and you dont notice the time difference, and talk until 5 a.m. his time, and 2 a.m. your time on a school night, and phone kisses are just as good as the real ones,well almost as good

You don't bat an eyelash when he says, "Uh, honey they changed when I'm supposed to return home, yet again for the 18th millionth time".