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HeLlo all I am a current college student looking to become an Air Force officer (surprising I know) I was ineligible for ROTC because my wife is an enlisted member here at Shaw and I have a child. So as another option I joined Civil Air Patrol as a senior member to bolster my potential package and do some good in the community. I understand that having a child and an active duty spouse disqualifies me from active duty service but coincidentally months after I graduate her enlistment would be up (if she would like it to be.) Now my questions are as followed if she wishes to get out can I start the process of commissioning before she is officially out of the military? We would basically trade places but with a family you can see how this would be a risk and as a father I dont wish to put my family in a bad situation. I have wished to join the military for some time but between moving, school, and my son I have decided to go this route. Any suggestions or information would be great I know I can accomplish this goal but its always good to have peace of mind and information.
Having an active duty spouse does not disqualify you from active duty or going to OTS. I went to OTS a couple years ago and there were quite a few people with active duty enlisted spouses. An officer and enlisted person are not allowed to date, but if they are married before one of them joins, it is a different story. Having a child doesn't matter either, I have 3 kids, one was born while I was at OTS. There are plenty of joint military families, granted there aren't as many with an officer and an enlisted and it limits the potential bases you can be stationed together, but it can work.