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Really,well I guess it should be mentioned the 30 worthless NightStalker II flashlights we have in our armory that cost 7 grand a piece, have to be charged for 24 hours to get 4 hours use, and are 18 inches long and as big around as the fat end of a baseball bat...but hey, they arent even as bright as my handheld surefire, they come a really cool, and useful, sling--in case you EVER decided to draw one, much less use it--but, on brightside, the contract most likely rode in on some retired Colonel's coattails (padding his pocket no doubt) like so much of the other garbage MARCORSYSCOM or whoever decides is vital to the execution of of the Marine Corps mission.

Just my thoughts on "fraud, waste, and abuse."
Sooooo....report it if you think its such waste.