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Please allow an old timer to add his two cents:

The current PT test is just fine and we dont need to add any new events like the hop-skip-jump to measure fitness, endurance, or combat readiness.

When I enlisted in the Army in 1981, the Army just got rid of several goofy events like the horizontal ladder climb and a ditch crawl that made administering a PT test require a special course and reduced the number of places a soldier could go to practice the events before taking a record test. Everybody was glad to finally go to the current 3 events that can be practiced anywhere and can be administered anyplace you can measure two miles to run. Simple is good.

Everyone agrees soldiers should be fit, just no one agrees exactly what that means. I was in XVIII Abn Corps when we did those hellish long road marches with full gear in 3 hours. The 1SG would have a bullhorn and a big clock and anyone who took more than 3 hours to complete the march had to do it over again. Those marches were loads of fun, but did they really build muscle mass or endurance by doing them once a quarter? I always finished them under time and pass my APFT's, but does that mean I am fit for combat? I really can't say. What is 'fit'? APFT score? Military look? Body fat index? Frame of mind? Ability to carry heavy stuff in the heat? Maybe all of the above - I dont know.
I agree with you completely although, I don't think its prudent a two mile run/12 mile ruck, should be accomplished at a FOB in Iraq or Afghanistan. I think and equivelent sprint/ 40 yard dash would be sufficient as a supplemental to the standardized APFT 2 mile run.

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Bottom line is if you can pass the existing APFT you are probably in good enough shape to do your job. Sure, we can make up a new version of the test to add the toe-twisting tra-la-la or the lateral oblique bunny-hop, but unless someone can really show these new events would be better - why fix what is not broke just to make changes and call it 'progress'?
I think you are on to something here! LOL