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Thread: Fired Officer Says Christian Beliefs Prohibit Him From Training Women

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    Fired Officer Says Christian Beliefs Prohibit Him From Training Women

    A North Carolina man fired as a sheriff’s deputy after refusing to train a new female officer because of her gender alleges in a lawsuit he is a victim of religious discrimination.
    Manuel Torres, an evangelical Christian and former Lee County sheriff’s deputy, asserts that his faith prohibits him from being alone with women who aren’t his wife ― which he said is exactly what would happen if he agreed to train a female deputy.
    The 51-year-old is suing the Lee County’s Sheriff Office, claiming he was fired for asking to be exempt from training the woman.
    The suit, filed in federal court in North Carolina on July 31, also names as defendants two other small towns Torres says subsequently denied him a job because of his religious beliefs about interacting with women. He seeks more than 300,000 in damages, as well as reinstatement by the sheriff’s office.

    The job requirement is to be able to train men and women.

    Seems like your religious beliefs disqualify you.

    The MS Governor case is interesting...
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    It does seem his beliefs could disqualify him from the job.. Especially if he knew going in, you might need to train women...

    NOW if he went in NOT being told that, and they knew his deeply helld beliefs, and now THEY are the ones pushing this on him, i can see his side of the argument..

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